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Bakery & Filling

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SMS innovative food starches help improve the softness and fluffiness of bread, cookies, muffins, and biscuits.

Recommended Product Function Benefit
2. GENIGEL®  42
 • Improve moisture retention.
Our products have good water-binding capacity and can maintain softness in cake or bread by reducing water migration and starch retrogradation.
3. VERITY 353 Stabilizer and Fat replacer
 • Improve mouthfeel in bakery cream.
VERITY 353 enhances smoothness and creaminess as fat replacement in bakery cream.
4. BAKE-N-SOFT Series Texturizer
 • Improve Volume & Enhance Soft Texture.
Our product enhances aeration, provide product structure and improve product’s volume. It helps to maintain uniformity and consistency of product. During Baking, our product can absorb and maintain moisture. This helps to deliver desirable soft texture.
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